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What do you do with a Good Thing? Do it again.

During and at the conclusion of the first Evan's Destination Day Camp(EDDC) 5 k Walk/Run in September of 2018,Diane and I (Evan's parents for you that we haven't met yet) felt we just couldn't go through the emotional strain of doing it again.Many people think that doing a good thing must always be uplifting and rewarding. And it was,in part. But some people out there that have lost a child and who dedicate their emotional selves to maintaining their lost one's memory actually find it very difficult to be the focus of something like this.

We fall into that group.

But good things aren't always meant for you or us. Sometimes good things are meant for others that you serve. You can see it any day from anyone anywhere here and even when you travel outside the U.S. It's one of he good things about people amongst so much that is bad about people.

That's what Evan was doing in those 11 summers he worked with autistic kids.

And so we will do it again and have a 2nd annual 5 k Walk/Run for Autism this Sept 14.

The staff ,especially Jordan Morran,the autism center's director,now have a year under their belt with EDDC from which to carefully plan a 2019 Summer Tour for their students and it's already underway. And what a great schedule it is.(Check it out on our facebook page and this site.)

These events are vital to these students education designed to get them out into the world and to enjoy the things most people take for granted. It teaches them how to comport themselves outside the protected environments of their family and their school because someday soon there will be the need for them to be as independent of help as is possible for each of them.

And we want to help, in Evan's name, for as long as we can and we ask you to join us again in making this happen.

What do you do with a Good Thing? You do it again.

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